About Migralex


The Next Generation of Headache Relief – Migralex is the first OTC headache/pain medication to include Magnesium as an active ingredient.

• Caffeine free
• More effective and safer
• Easy on the stomach
• Targets source-mineral deficiency that triggers headaches/pains in first place

Gentler on the Stomach

Magnesium oxide, which is an ingredient in Migralex, is an alkaline substance that counteracts the acidity of aspirin, making Migralex a safer product. Some other pain medications are safety-coated to achieve the same result. However, coating delays the release of active ingredients and causes a delay in getting relief. This brings us to the next outstanding feature of Migralex.

Works Fast

Migralex works fast. Alexander Mauskop, M.D. has learned from his patients that if a medicine takes too long to work it may not work at all or it may take 2 or 3 doses for it to eventually provide relief. To produce Migralex, a company which specializes in drug formulations was asked to develop a fast-acting product. After almost a year of work, Migralex was born.